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Is a branch of psychotherapy that works with families to nurture change and development.  Thus include the ability to influence conversations in a way that catalyses the strengths, wisdom, and support of the wider spectrum.

Everybody has experienced problems within their family and close intimate relationships.  When you are that close to another human being, the sharing of experiences and feelings can cause substantial stress.  It may be only a matter of time before you need help from an outside source.  Family therapy, then, may be the answer to your family problems.

Family therapy is defined as a type of psychotherapy that focuses on families and couples in close relationships, in hopes of bringing change and positive development.  In other words, family therapy may help you better your relationships and understanding within your family and close relationships.

Since a significant amount of stress is common in the family, family therapy aims to involve families in solutions for problems.  The overarching belief in all different forms of family therapy is that involving the family can bring out the strengths of the wider system.  The use of family therapy is widespread, covering almost every relational or psychological problem with its family approach to psychotherapy.

What separates family therapy from other forms of psychotherapy is undoubtedly its approach to therapy.  More specifically, therapists in family therapy focus on the dynamic of relationships between people, not the specific problems within one individual.  They focus on the systems of individuals and the impact of their relationships, either negative or positive, on each other.  The maintenance and solving of problems is more important to family therapists than the single cause of a problem.  For example, a family therapist may see more than one family member at each session and aim to relate the conversations and patterns of each family member to the others.